3x Pack Bundle of BulletX Clips (120 Clips) FREE SHIPPING

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This 3x Pack Bundle of BulletX Clips (120 Clips) includes FREE SHIPPING

These BulletX Clips contains "C-47" type clothespins that have been redesigned by industry professionals for use with scrims and gels on a film set. Each one is fabricated from hard wood with dual-notched 1" jaws for a superior grip as opposed to the standard clothes pin's 1/2". The BulletX Clip has a heavy-duty black oxide torsion spring and a tapered nose (instead of the standard clothes pin's snub nose) that facilitates use in tight spaces. The clips are finished with a non-reflective matte black to blend in with (rather than stand out from)



  • Hard wood construction with matte-black finish
  • Dual-notched 1" jaws for superior gripping
  • Heavy-duty black oxide torsion spring
  • Tapered bullet nose for narrow spaces