We are filmmakers who wanted to contribute to the Entertainment Industry in a bigger way. We are passionate about creating cinematic images and now we are manufacturing a product that contributes to every filmmakers daily work flow on any set.

With the entertainment industry adopting the standard household clothespin for lighting production use over 80 years ago. Filmmaking professionals refer to the clothespin as a “C47.” However, since the clothespin was not designed for the lighting film industry, it gets modified in to what we call a "bullet" or "C74". This clothespin modification addresses needs of lighting professionals when the job requires to have a needle nose or further reach.



The founders of bulletX Clips said to themselves that there has to be a better way to include the needle nose feature while maintaining the jaw opening of the clothespin. We began hand making different designs and then eventually worked on a CNC machine to create a more finished looking prototype. The bulletX team held several focus groups with filmmakers to further develop the final design of what we all now call bulletX Clips. 



Our product name bulletX comes from the terms bullet & eXpendable or eXtreme.

As filmmakers telling a story is something we do through dynamic visuals and our teams passion for bulletX Clips shows through how we are not just bringing filmmakers a new product but we are creating an branded lifestyle. 

Branded Hashtags Explained:

  • #bulletXclips - Why? because it's the brand name
  • #killtheC47 - Means what it says... that the bulletX clip will kill the C47!
  • #C47nomore - We dont want you to use the C47 any longer.
  • #C47cannotdothat - The C47 cannot compete with the superior design of the bulletX clip and cannot do what the bulletX does.
  • #bulletXlife - This is the bulletX lifestyle on and off set.
  • #bulletXspoiled - This is the feeling you get when you use bulletX clips on set or at home in your household pantry.



bulletX clips have a unique design that was MADE BY filmmakers FOR filmmakers. We are looking forward to changing the filmmaking industry term from "C47" to "bulletX"!