BulletX Clips Case of 30 Packs… 1200 clips!!!


You are purchasing a full case of bulletX clips which includes 30 packs of 40 clips per pack. That totals 1200 clips!

bulletX is a new product that will provide a solution to an ongoing need and inefficiency in the television, film, and theatre industry. The bulletX is designed with a tapered nose for small spaces. Which means, no more struggling with converting a C47 to a bullet or C-74. Use the bullet nose feature to pull out hot scrims and keep from burning gel in fresnel lights. Use these clips with ease on all KinoFlo Barndoors with out the risk of them popping off of the fixture.



Our clip has the needle nose built into the clips sleek design. Get into all those those hard to reach spaces with ease. In filmmaking time is money so stop wasting time converting that old ass clothespin to be a “bullet” or “C74”! Grab a bulletX clip and go get creative!



Are you sick and tired of those worthless C47 clothespins falling apart on you! Well bulletX clips are made for the work you do on set every day. These are the strongest clips on the market with their high-tension torsion spring and sleek design you will never want to use the old standard any longer. You will notice that the tension of this clip will allow for you to pull scrims from lights with ease and even rig nets together without using a grip clip or adding another C-stand. You deserve the best product on the market to support your craftsmanship!



BulletX clips open two times wider than that C47 clothespin and have the ability be used on larger surfaces up to 1 inch. Our clip also includes a double notched jaw to give our user more rigging flexibility. When you use a bulletX clip you now have the freedom to rig in ways a clothespin couldn’t even fathom…


Durable hardwood construction

High production matte black finish

Heavy duty matching black spring

Tapered bullet nose for wedging into narrow spaces

Dual notched jaws for superior gripping

Will fit pipes up to 1″ in diameter

Heavy duty black oxide torsion spring

Product quality consistency




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