“SLY” Lighting Rentals

I’ve been waiting for a product like this. It’s such a simple expendable on all sets, but very important. As independent lighting technician I love these bullets. I don’t mind paying a little more. They last way longer then the regular clothes pins.

For me time is money so less trips to get expendables the better.

I like to work fast so I find myself not even needing an extra stand or frame to rig a flag or net. I clip them right on to a kino or to an existing frame. I’ve had bad experiences with #1 clips. They damage my flags and kino doors. I’ve been using bulletX a lot and find them to be exactly what needed, it’s fast and easy to put any gel on lights. Easy and faster reach.. I haven’t seen them on many sets so I think it’s cool that I’m one of the first to carry them. They look cool and more professional also. I love them, but I also love my job : )

Gaffer/Key Grip
Production Lighting Specialist
G&E Dept Lead
Associate Producer (G&E)
Northridge CA